Friend Units

List of mobile games I am playing companion (shared) unit. If you have a request for me to set up and it is possible, let me know and I will try to accommodate.

Current FFBE Companion
Name: Nyx
Rank: 7*
Level: 101
HP: 5937
MP: 271
ATK: 783
DEF: 303
MAG: 271
SPR: 281
Reason for use: 100% bonus to event. If I somehow manage to pull a second Ignis, I will put him up at 7* for 200%.

Current Dragalia Lost Helper
Name: Cleo
Affinity: Dark
Rank: 5*
Level: 76
Skill: Restores HP to all teammates
Reason for use: Everyone could use a healer. Also this is my primary character currently for when I do multiplayer lobbies.

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