Sunday, October 14, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Eldwater

This is more of a video of the usage of eldwater and how to obtain. It is also my first attempt at voice narration with premiere elements 19. Thanks for listening!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Dragalia Lost - 3* Elemental Base Testing

Dragalia Gameplay Footage - Please read more for information about this video. Also please hang in there with me as I get better at video image quality. ***Please note this is a really rough data grab. As it really isn't enough runs to make an opinion for fact but it can make a few inferences from it.*** I had some spare change and items laying around and I was ultimately curious how the game handles elemental weapons when wielded by a unit with same or different elemental affinity. Such as, could you take a water unit and equip it with fire weapon and trash a wind stage. But based off this, I now have a better understanding of actually how the affinity weapon system works. It does not seem to change against the enemy type. It is more that it adds a static bonus prior to entering the dungeon. I would be curious to know if 4* or 5* elemental weapons are the same % or higher % than the 3*. I used a lvl 69 Celliera (water affinity) and made a fire, wind, water elemental 3* katana. Then I did 3 runs on chapter 1/1-2 which is a wind stage. Knowing it was the strong elemental to Celliera. The first things to note are the stat changes on equip. Fire and Wind both gave stat increases of the exact strength and HP. However, when equipping the water weapon, the strength and hp increased by 50%. So automatically you can tell that is a much better choice in usage as damage should increase simple because base stats were increased. If you follow the 3 runs you will see there is quite a variance in the damage between the water and the 2 other elements. But what appears to be the case is that the bonus for water against wind is negated (as there should not be one in my favor) and the damage varies based off the actual fact the water weapon just gives better stats which leads me to believe that another bonus is factored in when the affinity check is in your favor for a fully equipped water unit. The fire and wind weapons were roughly 64 damage per attack. The water weapon clocked in at closer to 75 damage per attack. Now I don't have enough data to make any conclusions. But it does not appear being a weak element unit and equipping the strong element weapon is of any use. Also do note that you cannot use the affinity skill applied off the elemental weapon if the unit affinity does not match. I did run a base run through the first stage of chapter 3 using the Water weapon and the damage was way higher than that of fire/wind weapons. I will eventually do a video on this at a later time. Gotta spend stamina on a few other important things first :) Thanks for reading

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Unit Review: Cleo 5 Star

When I first started playing the game, I grew a bit attached to the healer role. Not too sure why. But I did and since the game offered a 4* dark healer, I gravitated more towards it. Cleo has been my go to since the first days. So the inevitable happened, I maxed out her 4* including the mana circle cap.

Through trading in wyrmprints and grinding hard story mode, I gathered enough eldwater and was able to 5* her. Then the story gets better. Since I have really enjoyed Dragalia Lost, I decided to toss some money out for the Adventurer Pack to show some love to the devs. Spent the ticket... Pulled a Hildegarde. Which I didn't expect to happen, but it kind of works out. I was already working on taking other healers to cap. So now I have one of the best and also one I feel is really good.

Cleo's final mana circle requires a ton of eldwater to max out the co-ability. And there is also upgrades to her skills. A lot of zodiarks and dark ruin runs are in my future, but in the end it will be worth it. Once I get Hildy capped, I'll also try to cycle her mana circle.

I really like Cleo's set up though. Having a heal that also removes paralysis, and a defense buff is pretty nice. The 75% skill prep is pretty nice too. I stopped my staff grind with the ability of self strength buff. I'm not entirely sure what the damage output is in comparison to other classes, but I am a fan of Cleo and what she can do. 

FFBE - Item World - What a wonderful debacle

Item World is a very fickle mistress. Generally you take an item you have a plan for and run it 10 times and get some interesting results or nothing you wanted at all. However this one was close to what I wanted in the end, but the path to get there was a bit mind boggling.

I was looking to build my Holy Wand with more MP/SPR as this is going to mainline on my healers unless it for some reason needs to go to a mage for holy as an offhand or to a magic tank which it probably want as I have a 120 A.Rain. But here you go!

Round 3 here was a SPR +1% and then a MAG+7% and a MAG+10%. Wonderful updates for anything I wanted mag for...

SPR +5% and MAG +10%. Seriously?

The final outcome was MP+17% and SPR +10%. I am not sure if I dislike this combination or not. Ayaka can always use MP+ but then again, I could always go for Refresh+ equipment. I'm close to a 1k SPR Ayaka now which is pretty much overkill now with barrier, so I may run it again on the Holy Wand for just MP/HP instead.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Imperial Onslaught - Battle in the Dornith Mountains: Master

First time I cleared this quest. 10000 might Light Imperial Onslaught mission. I'm starting to notice that the jump in might to master levels is going to start pushing more and more to be necessary to adhere to the rock, paper, scissors concept. It is not nearly as noticeable in expert and below, but the closer you move to master the more the need arises for the bonus to the other element. A few of the runs I was on before this clear, the more damaging counterparts seem to get worked a little too quick by the swarm. Blind in this fight is also horrible. It lasts for a while and you basically miss every single attack so the damage drops big time. So the main tip here I would say is to prioritize survival and avoidance over any form of damage.

Dragalia Lost - Halidom Lv. 5 Rank Up

Beforehand, apologies if the quality is poor on this video as I uploaded this video without Wi-Fi, so I couldn't send HD version..

This is a rank up for Halidom to Lv5 which opens up more levels for Smithy.

Rank 6 Halidom requires the following:
- 300 Facility Level
- 150000 Rupies
- 100 Light Orb
- 15 Radiance Orb
- 3 Refulgence Orb
- 15 Talonstone

Rank 5 opens up a large area with a good bit of space for decorations and also space for up to FIVE more altars. I'll probably take the time to reconfigure my layout because ocd says so. Rank 6 is probably going to take a very long time. For instance a rank 17 flame altar takes 12 hours to go to rank 18. And at 200 most of my altars are almost all over 10. I need to purchase a bunch of dojos as well. Originally I was only grabbing the necessities for the classes I prefer such as 2 staff dojos and 1 lance dojo.

The real catch to this is available orbs, and the lock of having base 2 smithwyrms. I have 3. Felt it was worth the investment as so far I haven't needed to use all the wyrmite for pulls. Pulls are fun but nothing requires a 5* unit yet from what I can tell. Or I could just be salty that I have still not pulled a 5* adventurer but I have multiple 5* wyrmprints and dragons now...

With that said, my advice here is to seriously farm up light runs when they are available as 100 is a lot. Rupies can come from dailies pretty easily as 2 expert dailies are over 20k per run. Then rupie rewards from the daily endeavors. Talonstones are bountiful for the most part. And facility level wise, it will take days without burning wyrmite to get 300. I plan to move my smithy up next which luckily doesn't require orbs but does require 60,000 Rupies.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Advanced Dragon Trial - High Midgardsormr's Trial Preview

After defeating Midgardsormr Master Trial, this new option opens up. Here is a video previewing the fight, where to find it, and what the rewards are. Things to note from this video:

- Might requirement of 13000 which is quite steep. I am currently at 9500, so it will be a while before I can tackle this

- It has 3 bonuses for weekly as opposed to daily.

- Stamina cost is 40. I couldn't get in far enough to see the multiplayer needs, but I assume 3 getherwings.

- Gives rewards to unlock a 5* High Midgardsormr dragon at base level

- Gives rewards to build a statue for wind affinity dragon buffs

Based off the above, I have to imagine this is a pretty serious trial. But without a lot of help to get there stat wise, 13000 might is a long way to go. The most I have seen currently was in raid where a player was about 11000.

Here's to the grind to get to 13000!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dragalia Lost - All Dragon Trials: Master

Master Midgardsormr Trial. It is basically the same fight as the Expert version. Fight lasts a little longer and he hits a little harder and it is still a stun fest.

Master Mercury Trial. Only real thing I noticed is he now has a move called "hydrocannon". Its a linear forward facing attack. Avoided it but I imagine it hits pretty solid

Master Brunhilda Trial. Stronger, more hp, nothing else new I could find.

Master Jupiter Trial. I still think this overall may be the easiest trial. The only new thing I noticed in this fight is when he does the linear charge while in Overdrive, he adds some minor aoe lightning pools on the side of it. double dodge out.

Master Zodiark Trial. Nothing new here from what I could tell. Still a hard trial just based on his damage moves alone being able to cripple or kill instantly. Don't get greedy in this fight. It was close on this run simply cause we lost a damage mid fight, but with all 4 up, plenty of time to not get careless.

Dragalia Lost - Phraeganoth Clash: Expert

Phraeganoth is the first raid boss. Raids are comprised of 4 players with 4 units per player for a total of 16 characters. There is no technical might lock out for raids; however, there is a suggested might level. And honest that suggested might level is highly recommended. Expert mode is 28000 might suggested. It is important to note that key word "suggested". This means that you can load up this encounter at any might level. But keep in mind, just cause you can get in, doesn't mean you will survive. Inside the first 30 seconds the boss does an AoE tail spin and it can be pretty devastating if your hp is low. So keep that in mind when you queue up sub 7k might. The raid is mostly a dps race and a small problem with how A.I. values its existence. The A.I. characters tend to not value survival too well. You can see in my video how this happens. My team is mostly 50+ with me controlling a level 70 - 4* star healer at 8500+ might. The fight has a lot of value on how long your A.I. counterparts can stay alive. Simply put, the closer to 16/16 your party is, the faster this dies. The closer to 0/16, the less likely you win. This fight introduces "Demolished" which is different than "Break". Demolished basically indicates when a hit box has been destroyed. Notes about Phraeganoth: - The boss has 4 hit boxes. 1 Left Arm, 1 Right Arm, 1 Tail, 1 Body - Each hit box has it's own hp meter. Depleting the arms or tail "demolishes" them. And renders some abilities weaker. - Typical fights immediately start with everyone burning the tail down as it provides the most easiest to target - Has a forward swipe with one if its arms. - Has a forward facing 90 degree breath attack (right to left), avoid this as much as possible by not being in his face...ever. As you can tell, I did not avoid it here. - !! has a spin move that I believe is weakened after the tail is demolished. Has a telegraphed build up - !! followed by shaking violently. Launches a rain of meteors down indicated by yellow aoe pools. Leaves residual burn areas. don't touch of course. - Has a non damaging blow back move that looks like a firewave. It's possible to minimize the down time by pressing the screen at the right time. You will do a flip and land on your feet and not your back - Volcanic Ruin. Very important move to pay attention for when it appears. It's basically his "summon help" move. A bunch of tiny volcanoes appear around the arena. Each one lays out a faded purple circle that is huge. Slowly a dark purple charge begins expanding to the border of that initial circle. If that circle fills completely, the volcano explodes dealing massive damage. These are high priority when they appear to destroy at least 1-2, that way you can generate places to stand. Make sure after you clear a spot to not accidentally chase into another after the boss. No matter what happens though, do not stay in the purple as it can clear the battlefield of players. - After some/all parts are demolished, he gains an attack where he charges forward and spins. This might also be generated based off hp%/time remaining overall. This is highly dangerous due to his size. He takes up a LOT of the arena. Try to stay to the sides as best as possible - Also has a 3 prong projectile forward fireball attack similar to Midgardsormrs trident attack. He fires forward then fires forward left then forward right. - Not indicated here as this was a win. But when the timer for the fight hits low, he turtles up and explodes, wiping the raid for 9999 per player

Dragalia Lost - Zodiark's Trial: Expert

Zodiark is a tough dragon trial due to his mechanics being ridiculous at times if you are caught off guard. Of all the trials, this one seems the hardest to 3 star simply due to how easily it is to instantly kill damage units. His damage output is pretty violent. But for the most part if you stay off him or stay to a side, his damage is highly reduced. Tip for all Dragon trials: Don't stand directly behind or you trigger a tail whip that deals major damage Zodiark notes: - most everything in this fight curses except for standard melee hits. Curse has a long duration and seals skills and dragon transforms till it ends. - don't stand mid-range directly in front. If you must be in front, stand incredibly close to the face/side or at the max distance. If you not, you will not survive the !! cone aoe - base attack is rush followed by a lunge attack which knocks back on hit. if you are range and he turns to you, start kiting.
- has a telegraphed linear forward charge - !! forward facing cone attack that breathes curse + high damage noted with dual !! above his head. Also if caught in this, it will apply curse and there's a good chance it will kill you outright - summon help calls 4 mobs to appear with melee and cone curse attacks. Need to be killed ASAP as they can cause curse. - Accursed Venom is a linear forward facing multi-aoe attack that extends from him to the end of the arena almost. Sometimes it comes up short. In general this will kill you outright if you are dead in the center of it. It is possible to survive but very unlikely. - Chaos Cage is is a multi aoe that targets multiple characters one at a time. If hit, it will trap you in a cage. Must destroy cage to release player. Very time sensitive as he seems to follow Chaos Cage with !! venom spray and it generally is a death sentence if it lands.

Dragalia Lost - Jupiter's Trial: Expert

Jupiter doesn't seem to be that difficult of a trial on expert. Namely to note he has a great chance to cause Paralysis. But for the most, most attacks are highly telegraphed. He is nowhere on the same level as Zodiark. It could also be that my healer has 100% paralysis resistance from upgrades, but outside of my poor timing with the lunge attacks, this fight did not impress. Tip for all Dragon trials: Don't stand directly behind or you trigger a tail whip that deals major damage Notes for Jupiter: - As previously stated, most non-melee attacks deal paralysis - !! Lightning Rood (what a weird attack name...maybe a typo?) attack is an X-shaped attacked that extends the arena almost fully - !! Also a linear forward charge attack - Standard attack is a move forward followed by a lunge - Summon Help calls 4 mobs that can use aoe lightning and causes paralysis - Primal Thunder is a major multi-aoe attack that rains lightning bolts. high damage + paralysis on contact

Dragalia Lost - Brunhilda's Trial: Expert

Brunhilda's Trial on expert also isn't too crazy. It may be the fact the first raid (Phraeganoth) is all about water units and you start off with a fire unit. Just from the story quests alone, you get 1 fire and 1 water 4 star, and the raid currently up gives another 4 star water. So a lot of this trial is a little undone from the base mechanics of the games release. You end up with 3/4 of a team built around bonus to fire or equal to fire. Tip for all Dragon trials: Don't stand directly behind or you trigger a tail whip that deals major damage Notes for Brunhilda: - Standard attack is moving forward with a lunge attack. can knockback - has a swipe - !! 180 degree arc fire attack, has a large range. Best to dodge back or forward. Causes burn + damage - Summon Help summons 4 fire mages. - X-Muspelheim involves Brunhilda exiting the arena, then burning a straight line followed by another perpendicular line to that one. Fire barricade that on contact burns. separates the arena into 4 parts. He lands in one of those 4. After further checking, the X does not extend the full arena. There are safe spots to cross near the arena walls. - !! Crimson Inferno is a giant pool AOE that he charges to like a meteor. - !! launches a fireball up in the air and lands on a target

Dragalia Lost - Mercury's Trial: Expert

Mercury's Trial on expert shouldn't pose too many problems if you know what to look for in it. Bog isn't the worst status ailment. The worst outcome though is getting hit point blank or trapped in wall, followed by an aqua spiral while bogged. Other than that, stay off his back and stay moving. Tip for all Dragon trials: Don't stand directly behind or you trigger a tail whip that deals major damage Notes for Mercury: - !! forward close range aoe head smash - non telegraph, leans head back and fires a projectile forward. Easy to dodge as it is slow moving - Aqua Spiral is a giant point blank AOE from his center that generates a whirlwind around Mercury that deals heavy damage + bog. Varies in size. Believe it is based off Overdrive in effect. Smaller versions are inside range for range dps. Residual can leave floating water bubbles - Summon Help calls 4 mobs forward that do cone water attacks inflicting bog

Dragalia Lost - Midgardsormr's Trial: Expert

Midgardsormr is highly annoying. There's nothing hard about this trial really, but as you can see in my glorious attempt here, the fight can be outright bothersome. Stun is quite the detrimental effect, probably worse than curse. At least other status (besides sleep) allow you to move. Stun does not allow you to move at all. In general this fight only comes down to being able to avoid the projectile attacks and not getting stunned. I apparently am really horrible at avoiding that.

Tip for all Dragon trials: Don't stand directly behind or you trigger a tail whip that deals major damage

Notes for Midgardsormr:

- swipe attack

- moves forward and lunges

- can launch a wind projectile that will knock back on contact and leaves a perpetual whirlwind. On hit can cause Stun

- Spin attack. I believe this is the same trigger as tail swipe from other dragons

- Summon Help calls 4 mobs that do linear wind projectile attacks

- Trident Tempest generates a 3 prong forward facing linear attack similar to a...trident. I have seen this move obliterate a character.

Thursday, October 4, 2018