Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dragalia Lost - All Dragon Trials: Master

Master Midgardsormr Trial. It is basically the same fight as the Expert version. Fight lasts a little longer and he hits a little harder and it is still a stun fest.

Master Mercury Trial. Only real thing I noticed is he now has a move called "hydrocannon". Its a linear forward facing attack. Avoided it but I imagine it hits pretty solid

Master Brunhilda Trial. Stronger, more hp, nothing else new I could find.

Master Jupiter Trial. I still think this overall may be the easiest trial. The only new thing I noticed in this fight is when he does the linear charge while in Overdrive, he adds some minor aoe lightning pools on the side of it. double dodge out.

Master Zodiark Trial. Nothing new here from what I could tell. Still a hard trial just based on his damage moves alone being able to cripple or kill instantly. Don't get greedy in this fight. It was close on this run simply cause we lost a damage mid fight, but with all 4 up, plenty of time to not get careless.

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