Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Imperial Onslaught - Battle in the Dornith Mountains: Master

First time I cleared this quest. 10000 might Light Imperial Onslaught mission. I'm starting to notice that the jump in might to master levels is going to start pushing more and more to be necessary to adhere to the rock, paper, scissors concept. It is not nearly as noticeable in expert and below, but the closer you move to master the more the need arises for the bonus to the other element. A few of the runs I was on before this clear, the more damaging counterparts seem to get worked a little too quick by the swarm. Blind in this fight is also horrible. It lasts for a while and you basically miss every single attack so the damage drops big time. So the main tip here I would say is to prioritize survival and avoidance over any form of damage.

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