Friday, October 12, 2018

Dragalia Lost - 3* Elemental Base Testing

Dragalia Gameplay Footage - Please read more for information about this video. Also please hang in there with me as I get better at video image quality. ***Please note this is a really rough data grab. As it really isn't enough runs to make an opinion for fact but it can make a few inferences from it.*** I had some spare change and items laying around and I was ultimately curious how the game handles elemental weapons when wielded by a unit with same or different elemental affinity. Such as, could you take a water unit and equip it with fire weapon and trash a wind stage. But based off this, I now have a better understanding of actually how the affinity weapon system works. It does not seem to change against the enemy type. It is more that it adds a static bonus prior to entering the dungeon. I would be curious to know if 4* or 5* elemental weapons are the same % or higher % than the 3*. I used a lvl 69 Celliera (water affinity) and made a fire, wind, water elemental 3* katana. Then I did 3 runs on chapter 1/1-2 which is a wind stage. Knowing it was the strong elemental to Celliera. The first things to note are the stat changes on equip. Fire and Wind both gave stat increases of the exact strength and HP. However, when equipping the water weapon, the strength and hp increased by 50%. So automatically you can tell that is a much better choice in usage as damage should increase simple because base stats were increased. If you follow the 3 runs you will see there is quite a variance in the damage between the water and the 2 other elements. But what appears to be the case is that the bonus for water against wind is negated (as there should not be one in my favor) and the damage varies based off the actual fact the water weapon just gives better stats which leads me to believe that another bonus is factored in when the affinity check is in your favor for a fully equipped water unit. The fire and wind weapons were roughly 64 damage per attack. The water weapon clocked in at closer to 75 damage per attack. Now I don't have enough data to make any conclusions. But it does not appear being a weak element unit and equipping the strong element weapon is of any use. Also do note that you cannot use the affinity skill applied off the elemental weapon if the unit affinity does not match. I did run a base run through the first stage of chapter 3 using the Water weapon and the damage was way higher than that of fire/wind weapons. I will eventually do a video on this at a later time. Gotta spend stamina on a few other important things first :) Thanks for reading

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