Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Phraeganoth Clash: Expert

Phraeganoth is the first raid boss. Raids are comprised of 4 players with 4 units per player for a total of 16 characters. There is no technical might lock out for raids; however, there is a suggested might level. And honest that suggested might level is highly recommended. Expert mode is 28000 might suggested. It is important to note that key word "suggested". This means that you can load up this encounter at any might level. But keep in mind, just cause you can get in, doesn't mean you will survive. Inside the first 30 seconds the boss does an AoE tail spin and it can be pretty devastating if your hp is low. So keep that in mind when you queue up sub 7k might. The raid is mostly a dps race and a small problem with how A.I. values its existence. The A.I. characters tend to not value survival too well. You can see in my video how this happens. My team is mostly 50+ with me controlling a level 70 - 4* star healer at 8500+ might. The fight has a lot of value on how long your A.I. counterparts can stay alive. Simply put, the closer to 16/16 your party is, the faster this dies. The closer to 0/16, the less likely you win. This fight introduces "Demolished" which is different than "Break". Demolished basically indicates when a hit box has been destroyed. Notes about Phraeganoth: - The boss has 4 hit boxes. 1 Left Arm, 1 Right Arm, 1 Tail, 1 Body - Each hit box has it's own hp meter. Depleting the arms or tail "demolishes" them. And renders some abilities weaker. - Typical fights immediately start with everyone burning the tail down as it provides the most easiest to target - Has a forward swipe with one if its arms. - Has a forward facing 90 degree breath attack (right to left), avoid this as much as possible by not being in his face...ever. As you can tell, I did not avoid it here. - !! has a spin move that I believe is weakened after the tail is demolished. Has a telegraphed build up - !! followed by shaking violently. Launches a rain of meteors down indicated by yellow aoe pools. Leaves residual burn areas. don't touch of course. - Has a non damaging blow back move that looks like a firewave. It's possible to minimize the down time by pressing the screen at the right time. You will do a flip and land on your feet and not your back - Volcanic Ruin. Very important move to pay attention for when it appears. It's basically his "summon help" move. A bunch of tiny volcanoes appear around the arena. Each one lays out a faded purple circle that is huge. Slowly a dark purple charge begins expanding to the border of that initial circle. If that circle fills completely, the volcano explodes dealing massive damage. These are high priority when they appear to destroy at least 1-2, that way you can generate places to stand. Make sure after you clear a spot to not accidentally chase into another after the boss. No matter what happens though, do not stay in the purple as it can clear the battlefield of players. - After some/all parts are demolished, he gains an attack where he charges forward and spins. This might also be generated based off hp%/time remaining overall. This is highly dangerous due to his size. He takes up a LOT of the arena. Try to stay to the sides as best as possible - Also has a 3 prong projectile forward fireball attack similar to Midgardsormrs trident attack. He fires forward then fires forward left then forward right. - Not indicated here as this was a win. But when the timer for the fight hits low, he turtles up and explodes, wiping the raid for 9999 per player

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