Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Unit Review: Cleo 5 Star

When I first started playing the game, I grew a bit attached to the healer role. Not too sure why. But I did and since the game offered a 4* dark healer, I gravitated more towards it. Cleo has been my go to since the first days. So the inevitable happened, I maxed out her 4* including the mana circle cap.

Through trading in wyrmprints and grinding hard story mode, I gathered enough eldwater and was able to 5* her. Then the story gets better. Since I have really enjoyed Dragalia Lost, I decided to toss some money out for the Adventurer Pack to show some love to the devs. Spent the ticket... Pulled a Hildegarde. Which I didn't expect to happen, but it kind of works out. I was already working on taking other healers to cap. So now I have one of the best and also one I feel is really good.

Cleo's final mana circle requires a ton of eldwater to max out the co-ability. And there is also upgrades to her skills. A lot of zodiarks and dark ruin runs are in my future, but in the end it will be worth it. Once I get Hildy capped, I'll also try to cycle her mana circle.

I really like Cleo's set up though. Having a heal that also removes paralysis, and a defense buff is pretty nice. The 75% skill prep is pretty nice too. I stopped my staff grind with the ability of self strength buff. I'm not entirely sure what the damage output is in comparison to other classes, but I am a fan of Cleo and what she can do. 


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