Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Jupiter's Trial: Expert

Jupiter doesn't seem to be that difficult of a trial on expert. Namely to note he has a great chance to cause Paralysis. But for the most, most attacks are highly telegraphed. He is nowhere on the same level as Zodiark. It could also be that my healer has 100% paralysis resistance from upgrades, but outside of my poor timing with the lunge attacks, this fight did not impress. Tip for all Dragon trials: Don't stand directly behind or you trigger a tail whip that deals major damage Notes for Jupiter: - As previously stated, most non-melee attacks deal paralysis - !! Lightning Rood (what a weird attack name...maybe a typo?) attack is an X-shaped attacked that extends the arena almost fully - !! Also a linear forward charge attack - Standard attack is a move forward followed by a lunge - Summon Help calls 4 mobs that can use aoe lightning and causes paralysis - Primal Thunder is a major multi-aoe attack that rains lightning bolts. high damage + paralysis on contact

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