Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Halidom Lv. 5 Rank Up

Beforehand, apologies if the quality is poor on this video as I uploaded this video without Wi-Fi, so I couldn't send HD version..

This is a rank up for Halidom to Lv5 which opens up more levels for Smithy.

Rank 6 Halidom requires the following:
- 300 Facility Level
- 150000 Rupies
- 100 Light Orb
- 15 Radiance Orb
- 3 Refulgence Orb
- 15 Talonstone

Rank 5 opens up a large area with a good bit of space for decorations and also space for up to FIVE more altars. I'll probably take the time to reconfigure my layout because ocd says so. Rank 6 is probably going to take a very long time. For instance a rank 17 flame altar takes 12 hours to go to rank 18. And at 200 most of my altars are almost all over 10. I need to purchase a bunch of dojos as well. Originally I was only grabbing the necessities for the classes I prefer such as 2 staff dojos and 1 lance dojo.

The real catch to this is available orbs, and the lock of having base 2 smithwyrms. I have 3. Felt it was worth the investment as so far I haven't needed to use all the wyrmite for pulls. Pulls are fun but nothing requires a 5* unit yet from what I can tell. Or I could just be salty that I have still not pulled a 5* adventurer but I have multiple 5* wyrmprints and dragons now...

With that said, my advice here is to seriously farm up light runs when they are available as 100 is a lot. Rupies can come from dailies pretty easily as 2 expert dailies are over 20k per run. Then rupie rewards from the daily endeavors. Talonstones are bountiful for the most part. And facility level wise, it will take days without burning wyrmite to get 300. I plan to move my smithy up next which luckily doesn't require orbs but does require 60,000 Rupies.

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