Thursday, October 11, 2018

FFBE - Item World - What a wonderful debacle

Item World is a very fickle mistress. Generally you take an item you have a plan for and run it 10 times and get some interesting results or nothing you wanted at all. However this one was close to what I wanted in the end, but the path to get there was a bit mind boggling.

I was looking to build my Holy Wand with more MP/SPR as this is going to mainline on my healers unless it for some reason needs to go to a mage for holy as an offhand or to a magic tank which it probably want as I have a 120 A.Rain. But here you go!

Round 3 here was a SPR +1% and then a MAG+7% and a MAG+10%. Wonderful updates for anything I wanted mag for...

SPR +5% and MAG +10%. Seriously?

The final outcome was MP+17% and SPR +10%. I am not sure if I dislike this combination or not. Ayaka can always use MP+ but then again, I could always go for Refresh+ equipment. I'm close to a 1k SPR Ayaka now which is pretty much overkill now with barrier, so I may run it again on the Holy Wand for just MP/HP instead.

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