Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Zodiark's Trial: Expert

Zodiark is a tough dragon trial due to his mechanics being ridiculous at times if you are caught off guard. Of all the trials, this one seems the hardest to 3 star simply due to how easily it is to instantly kill damage units. His damage output is pretty violent. But for the most part if you stay off him or stay to a side, his damage is highly reduced. Tip for all Dragon trials: Don't stand directly behind or you trigger a tail whip that deals major damage Zodiark notes: - most everything in this fight curses except for standard melee hits. Curse has a long duration and seals skills and dragon transforms till it ends. - don't stand mid-range directly in front. If you must be in front, stand incredibly close to the face/side or at the max distance. If you not, you will not survive the !! cone aoe - base attack is rush followed by a lunge attack which knocks back on hit. if you are range and he turns to you, start kiting.
- has a telegraphed linear forward charge - !! forward facing cone attack that breathes curse + high damage noted with dual !! above his head. Also if caught in this, it will apply curse and there's a good chance it will kill you outright - summon help calls 4 mobs to appear with melee and cone curse attacks. Need to be killed ASAP as they can cause curse. - Accursed Venom is a linear forward facing multi-aoe attack that extends from him to the end of the arena almost. Sometimes it comes up short. In general this will kill you outright if you are dead in the center of it. It is possible to survive but very unlikely. - Chaos Cage is is a multi aoe that targets multiple characters one at a time. If hit, it will trap you in a cage. Must destroy cage to release player. Very time sensitive as he seems to follow Chaos Cage with !! venom spray and it generally is a death sentence if it lands.

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