Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Midgardsormr's Trial: Expert

Midgardsormr is highly annoying. There's nothing hard about this trial really, but as you can see in my glorious attempt here, the fight can be outright bothersome. Stun is quite the detrimental effect, probably worse than curse. At least other status (besides sleep) allow you to move. Stun does not allow you to move at all. In general this fight only comes down to being able to avoid the projectile attacks and not getting stunned. I apparently am really horrible at avoiding that.

Tip for all Dragon trials: Don't stand directly behind or you trigger a tail whip that deals major damage

Notes for Midgardsormr:

- swipe attack

- moves forward and lunges

- can launch a wind projectile that will knock back on contact and leaves a perpetual whirlwind. On hit can cause Stun

- Spin attack. I believe this is the same trigger as tail swipe from other dragons

- Summon Help calls 4 mobs that do linear wind projectile attacks

- Trident Tempest generates a 3 prong forward facing linear attack similar to a...trident. I have seen this move obliterate a character.

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