About na2co3

What is na2co3?
Way back a few years ago I was struggling to find names for characters on various online games. Eventually one night on a whim I started reading the label of Mountain Dew bottles out of frustration. And there on that label I began finding a plethora of names to use for characters. One such name was Sodium Carbonate or sometimes just Sodium. As using that name continued on to various games, other players changed it up to na2co3 upon meeting them. Unfortunately it is a name that I cannot lock up on all the games I play. So from time to time I have to use different names.

What am I doing here?
I am a long time player of the mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, technically since launch in GL version. I will be using this site to review various games I play, and also review updates to current games I am playing.

What are some of my favorites?
Some of my favorite games and series of all time include the entire main line of Final Fantasy and the MMO's. The Soul/Borne series is one of the most enjoyable franchises to me. There is a love and hate relationship with first person shooters. I am also a huge fan of the Resident Evil series.

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