Monday, October 8, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Advanced Dragon Trial - High Midgardsormr's Trial Preview

After defeating Midgardsormr Master Trial, this new option opens up. Here is a video previewing the fight, where to find it, and what the rewards are. Things to note from this video:

- Might requirement of 13000 which is quite steep. I am currently at 9500, so it will be a while before I can tackle this

- It has 3 bonuses for weekly as opposed to daily.

- Stamina cost is 40. I couldn't get in far enough to see the multiplayer needs, but I assume 3 getherwings.

- Gives rewards to unlock a 5* High Midgardsormr dragon at base level

- Gives rewards to build a statue for wind affinity dragon buffs

Based off the above, I have to imagine this is a pretty serious trial. But without a lot of help to get there stat wise, 13000 might is a long way to go. The most I have seen currently was in raid where a player was about 11000.

Here's to the grind to get to 13000!

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