Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dragalia Lost - Brunhilda's Trial: Expert

Brunhilda's Trial on expert also isn't too crazy. It may be the fact the first raid (Phraeganoth) is all about water units and you start off with a fire unit. Just from the story quests alone, you get 1 fire and 1 water 4 star, and the raid currently up gives another 4 star water. So a lot of this trial is a little undone from the base mechanics of the games release. You end up with 3/4 of a team built around bonus to fire or equal to fire. Tip for all Dragon trials: Don't stand directly behind or you trigger a tail whip that deals major damage Notes for Brunhilda: - Standard attack is moving forward with a lunge attack. can knockback - has a swipe - !! 180 degree arc fire attack, has a large range. Best to dodge back or forward. Causes burn + damage - Summon Help summons 4 fire mages. - X-Muspelheim involves Brunhilda exiting the arena, then burning a straight line followed by another perpendicular line to that one. Fire barricade that on contact burns. separates the arena into 4 parts. He lands in one of those 4. After further checking, the X does not extend the full arena. There are safe spots to cross near the arena walls. - !! Crimson Inferno is a giant pool AOE that he charges to like a meteor. - !! launches a fireball up in the air and lands on a target

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